Asby Endowed School (Age 4-11)
Plaque at Asby Endowed School
Plaque at Asby Endowed School
By the end of Year 6, pupils have achieved well and usually reach above average standards in literacy and numeracy. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is also well developed. Asby pupils, therefore, leave the school well prepared for the next stage of their education and for life in modern Britain.

- Latest OFSTED Inspection Report, Sep. 2014

Asby Endowed School LogoAs the plaque on the wall indicates there has been a school on this site for
several centuries, but clearly it is not living in the past!
Our local primary school is home to around 30 pupils, in two classes.
To learn a lot more about us please visit  our school website.

Latest News

Get all the latest news, and view an archive of  newsletters back to January 2017, on the Weekly Newsletters page of our school website.


There are no secondary schools within Asby Parish itself.
There are however four in the surrounding towns of Eden District.

(The distances shown are by road from Great Asby.)

Appleby Grammar School (5.7 miles)

Appleby Grammar School Logo

Kirkby Stephen Grammar School (7.5 miles)

Kirkby Stephen Grammar SChool Logo

Ullswater Community College
Penrith (18.8 miles)

Ullswater Community College Logo

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School
Penrith (19.1 miles)

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Logo

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